25 Apr

New Shortcut URLs for Active Directory Server Roles

In an effort to make finding content easier, Microsoft has released new shortcut / vanity URLs for each of the five Active Directory server roles. The new URLs include:

Microsoft has introduced new URLs for Active Directory related content. Their goal was to make finding AD related content easier. The URLs include:

Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)

  • http://www.microsoft.com/adcs
  • http://www.microsoft.com/CertificateServices

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

  • http://www.microsoft.com/adds
  • http://www.microsoft.com/ActiveDirectory
  • http://www.microsoft.com/DirectoryServices

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

  • http://www.microsoft.com/adfs
  • http://www.microsoft.com/FederationServices

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)

  • http://www.microsoft.com/adlds
  • http://www.microsoft.com/adam

Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)

  • http://www.microsoft.com/rms
  • http://www.microsoft.com/adrms
  • http://www.microsoft.com/RightsManagement

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