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Step-By-Step Guide to Deploying Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Edition Published

In this 100+ page article, I walk you through each of the tasks, at a step-by-step level, required to deploy a Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Edition lab environment.

The focus of this article is the following:

  • Prepare the Lync 2010 Enterprise Edition Server Infrastructure
    • Set Up Enterprise Edition Hardware and System Infrastructure
    • Create Service Accounts
    • Install Prerequisite Software
    • Prepare Active Directory Domain Services for Lync Server 2010
    • Grant Setup and Administration Permissions
    • Add DNS Records
    • Create the Lync File Share
  • Define the Topology for Lync 2010 Enterprise Edition Front End Pool in Topology Builder
    • Configure Simple URLs
  • Publish the Topology
  • Setup the Lync 2010 Front End Server and Front End Pool
    • Install the Local Configuration Store
    • Install Front End Servers
    • Request, Install, and Assign Certificates
    • Start Services
  • Install Monitoring and Archiving
    • Install the Local Configuration Store
    • Install the Monitoring and Archiving Server
    • Start Services
    • Deploy Monitoring Server Reports

The article can be downloaded from here:

NOTE: Updated March 7th, 2011 to include Monitoring and Archiving.

    26 thoughts on “Step-By-Step Guide to Deploying Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Edition Published

    1. Hi All,

      How to install Lync 2010 Enterprise edition in muliti site topology, I have single forest, single domain topology with two different location, Now My Goal is Lync Enterprise server should work independently and management server should talk each other.

      Please help me

      • Hi Ganga,

        Not too sure what you mean by your goal. However, if you have two different locations, you can deploy Lync Enterprise Edition in one or both locations. There’s a lot to factor in (requirements, which Lync features you’ll deploy, network design, etc), and there’s no simple answer with the goal you’ve stated.
        I suggest you have a look at the Planning for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 documentation, which can be found here.

    2. Hi

      i have this also working in a domain, I have now a few problems with installing an edge server to connect also whith users like msn, yahoo.. Do you have here also a guide for?

      with regards

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    4. Thanks for your great article.
      after server installation I installed Lync client 2010 on client machines (without any further step after installing archive server in your article). now everything is working except call and video conferencing for more than 2 people. I get the error when the third client join the conference call and video buttons become disable and attendees only can do IM. I was wondering is there something I missed after installation. I completed all the steps in your installation guide successfully . The error is something like that “when contacting your support team, reference error ID 19 (source ID 241)”

        • Your article was a lot of help in getting our lab setup. But I am experiencing the same problem as above getting the “error ID 19 (source ID 241)” when attempting a video conference with >2 people. I can’t find an associated policy. Can you provide more insight on the suspect policy?


    5. Figured it out. I needed to enable “Conferencing” on the Enterprise Edition FE Pool, publish, then Install. I did not see that in your document so you may want to add.

      Thanks again though, your doc was very helpful in getting our lab up and running.


    6. First of all, great tutorial John!
      With your guide I was able to install and deploy Lync Server w/out problems.
      Hi have only few questions:
      1) if I want communicate with internal users by external authenticated user (no guest) I must use an “edge Lync server”?
      If so can I install it on the Front End Lync server in a development environment or I must use another PC with 2 NIC? At the moment without Edge Server I’m able to use only IM for other features (desktop/program/file sharing and A/V conferencing) I received a generic “network issues” on client side. We use LyncSetupEval_client_64bit or LyncSetupEval_client_32bit installation setup as client.
      2) Can I use MS TMG as reverse proxy to filter external A/V calls? If I understand well I must insert the Lync Edge Server (out of main local domain) on a DMZ controlled by TMG, is it right?
      Many thanks, in advance, for your answers.

    7. Hi, thanks for this document.
      I have a problem for connect to a Lync panel control.
      IE message “you are not authorized to view this page because header authentication invalid.”
      I can not find a solution.

      you have an idea?
      thank you

    8. great details on installing lync2010 enterprise. helped get my test development site up and running. i’ll checkout the above links on webapp integration for outside remote users.

    9. great pdf have set it up nearly first time, now just go to set up an edge server to allow for ‘push’ im looking at the 2 links you gave about for setting up the edge servers but an idiot guide would be good.

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